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Wholesale Center
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Project name: Wholesale Foodstuff Trading Centre ‘Solntsevo'

Location: Western Administrative District, Solntsevo, Solntsevo railway station

Land lot: 13.45 hectares; located on the territory of the ‘Moskovskiy' agricultural corporation

Legal and regulatory base: decree of the Moscow city administration No. 1031-PP dated 17 December 2002 ‘On Additional Measures for the Development of Major Wholesale and Retail Trading Centres and Services on the Territories Adjacent to the Moscow Ring Highway and to the Third (Small) Transport Ring'

Project development: documents for obtaining initial permits have been developed and feasibility studies have been completed

Project description: construction of a modern wholesale enterprise with the state-of-the-art technology and logistics

Possible forms of co-operation: agreement between the Moscow city administration and the government of Belarus

Main technical and economic characteristics: the object area equals 29,900 sq. m.; annual cargo turnover 155,000 tons

Total project cost: 988.0m roubles

Project implementation period: 1.5 years

Project implementation stage: preparation of the order document of the Moscow city administration


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