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Project name: Construction of a Recreational and Fitness Centre

Location: Bldg. 43, urban zone  42B, Maryinskiy park, Moscow

Land lot: area 1.27 hectares (with drive ways); city territory

Legal and regulatory base: none

Project developed and project stage: draft design

Project description: high-profile sports centre containing 3 swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, fitness halls, bowling, sauna, etc. and an underground garage and parking lot for 940 cars The mounted roof of the underground garage and parking is used as a foundation and a functional unit (designed for the swimming pool) of the future recreational and fitness centre

Possible forms of co-operation: off-budget financing and equity participation (con-investments)

Main technical and economic characteristics:

Land lot area 1.27 hectares

Development area 6,300 sq. m

Total area 8,200 sq. m

Estimated construction volume 44,000 cu. M

Total cost of the project: 230 to 240m roubles (est.)

Project implementation duration: 2 years

Project implementation stage: draft design

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