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Project name: Investment Project for the Construction of Objects Located in the Manezhnaya Street, Lot 3-5 and the Volkhonka Street, Lot 1-5

Location: the Central Administrative District of Moscow. The hotel is located in the historical part of the city, not far from the Kremlin (about two minutes afoot).

They are also close to the Aleksandrovskiy Garden and the Kremlin walls.

Address: Lot 3-5, Manezhnaya street and lot 1-5, Volkhonka street, Moscow

Legal basis: The act for reserving the ‘Moscow Kremlin' State Historical and Cultural Museum and Reserve' federal state enterprise is registered.

Project development: the architectural concept is developed.

Project description: A depositary institution and a research and restoration centre is to be build on lot 3-5 in the Manezhnaya street and a museum and exhibition compound and a five-start hotel on lot 1-5 in the Volkhonka street.

Brief description of reconstructed objects:

lot 3-5, Manezhnaya street

Total object area: 9,600 sq. m.

Total lot area: 0.75 hectares

Number of storeys: three to four above the ground and one to two under the ground.

lot 1-5, Volkhonka street

Total object area: 64,000 sq. m. including a hotel with the total area of 34,000 sq. m.

Total lot area: 1.0 hectares

Number of storeys: four to five above the ground and three under the ground.

Type of tender an open tender for signing an investment contract with the break-down of the constructed building area between the Moscow city administration and the investor.

The initial price of the option to make the investment contract is 4,088,365 USD.


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