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Technical Reconstruction of the AMO-ZIL Technological Facilities for the Production of Trucks and Buses with Motors Complying with the EURO-2 Environmental Requirements

Address of the plant: 23, Avtozavodskaya street, Moscow

Land lot: production premises of the Likhachov plant

Legal and regulatory base: The ‘Likhachov Plant' (AMO ZIL) open joint-stock company is the owner of the project and of the capital funds. The Moscow city administration owns 30 percent and the Bank of Moscow 23 percent.

Project development: Truck will be equipped with new and upgraded blocks and units after the development of the corresponding technologies.

Project description: production of upgraded and state-of-the-art vehicles (trucks and buses) using modern diesel engines which comply with the EURO-2 environmental requirements.

Possible co-operation forms: a strategic partner can make investments to AMO ZIL's authorised capital or a joint venture can be established. Credit may be obtained secured by the plant's shares and machinery assets.

Total cost of the project: around 500 m USD

Project implementation stage Project documentation is to be endorsed.



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